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The “Centre for Byzantine Research" was founded in 1966 on the initiative of a group of Professors from the Faculty of Letters of the Aristotle University (R.D. 413/1966, FEK 106 T.A).

The Centre is a research organization which promotes the study of the Byzantine history, culture and civilization. It encompasses five Research Departments (Byzantine History, Literature, Theology, Archaeology and Art, and Byzantine Law). The Centre’s mission also includes offering research opportunities to young scholars and specialized researchers from Greek (domestic) or foreign educational institutions.

According to its Founding Decree the Centre fulfills its mission by organizing research programs, special seminars, scholarly meetings and conferences, publishing the results of research projects, cooperating on research fields with other domestic and foreign research institutions. Furthermore, the Centre publishes important collective works, individual essays and the journal "BYZANTINA".

Dept. of Med. Greek Lit.

Dept. of Byz. Arch. and Art

Dept. of Byzantine History

Dept. of Byzantine Law


Dept. of Byzantine Theology